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Answer for question 4548. 
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What movies being released in the upcoming holiday movie season are you most excited about (if any)? Have you ever gone to a midnight showing on opening day for a very popular movie -- did you enjoy it, or would you rather have just slept in and went to see it the next day? If you could re-release any one movie from the past to the "big screen", what one would you choose and why?
I'm actually the type that not really into hype (wow that rhymes); I'd rather wait a day or two (or even a week!) so the cinema would be least crowded than the premier day. And the upcoming movie that I'm most excited is no other than Pink and Gray ! If you follow me on Twitter you know already as I retweeted many stills and sneak peek's videos. Main reason why I'm really excited about this movie is, of course, no other than the main star: Nakajima Yuto a.k.a my current biggest bias.

(From sneak peek's videos he showed so many amazing scenes and moving acting so that's plus point to upscale my excitement level)

(Praying so there'll be nice movie distributor here in my country so I don't need to wait for the DVD release which is like, 6 months after cinema release)
(I've been excited for this movie since they first announced it)
(Film festival is okay too)
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