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08 26 20 - 始まりに。
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never thought writing intro post is this difficult lol
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→ O. 23. Born on Heisei 5th year. An aspiring designer; now in the middle of training in an interior design and contractor company.
→ Aquarius. Blood type A. January-born.
Exactly the same as her ideal future husband Arashi's Sakurai Sho)
(I call this as triple annoyances because those three's traits are almost the same: annoying)
→ Other than Logophile, she's also a Bibliophile (a person who loves books) and a Thalassophile (a person who loves oceans, sea).
→ Hobbies: Photography, books, musics, design (wide-ranging from architecture-interior to graphic-stage design), post-crossing.
→ Interests: anything Japan; from literature to design and indie bands to boybands.
→ Admired design firms and architect (in case you're also a designer/aspired to be one): Hara Design Institute (Kenya Hara), nendo (Oki Sato), Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma.
→ Languages: English, Japanese, Indonesian.

The journal title:
How to read: "Takane no Hana ni Naritai"; which means "I want to be 'Takane no Hana'"
Takane no Hana itself means "flower on the high peak".

Current list of favorite crushes and interests (updated on December 19th):
Beware for long list of crushes.Collapse )

You can meet me (on almost a daily basis) online at:
Twitter → 問題ガール (Private, mostly talks in Indonesian, mostly about Tamamori, will keep changing display name as often as Yamazaki Kento gets a role in LA movies)
Ask.fm ideashunter (currently deactivated for personal reasons)

I'm also a (newbie) postcrosser, my postcrossing ID. Also interested in direct swaps; you can message me if interested.

Layout credit goes to spire. Icons are mostly self-made except noted.
What movies being released in the upcoming holiday movie season are you most excited about (if any)? Have you ever gone to a midnight showing on opening day for a very popular movie -- did you enjoy it, or would you rather have just slept in and went to see it the next day? If you could re-release any one movie from the past to the "big screen", what one would you choose and why?
I'm actually the type that not really into hype (wow that rhymes); I'd rather wait a day or two (or even a week!) so the cinema would be least crowded than the premier day. And the upcoming movie that I'm most excited is no other than Pink and Gray ! If you follow me on Twitter you know already as I retweeted many stills and sneak peek's videos. Main reason why I'm really excited about this movie is, of course, no other than the main star: Nakajima Yuto a.k.a my current biggest bias.

(From sneak peek's videos he showed so many amazing scenes and moving acting so that's plus point to upscale my excitement level)

(Praying so there'll be nice movie distributor here in my country so I don't need to wait for the DVD release which is like, 6 months after cinema release)
(I've been excited for this movie since they first announced it)
(Film festival is okay too)
Took this from ulilulelo.
So these are the conditions she held up for her followers to do:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.
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And lastly, little updates:
This month is my last month of probation at work. Finally experienced my high school's dream: been away from city two times in three months for business trips: to Jayapura (5 hours flight from Jakarta), and Bali. Completed a project worth xxx million rupiahs (haven't signed the Hand Over Certificate though). Selected as project leader and assistant designer for a project at the same time. Basically, what I do everyday is: wake up - go to bath - watch some Youtube videos while having breakfast - go to office with the same bus - arrive - work - go home - another session with Youtube - sleep - repeat. Overall having fun with work because, well, I'm living my childhood dream as a (junior) interior designer.
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